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A collection of ethical soaps, made with 100% organic, wild & dible ingredients, waterless & earth conscious, vegan & cruelty free.

Savon Stories is an organic skincare atelier based in Provence in the south of France. Born out of a century's family farming heritage, they have extended the tradition to formulate remedies to cleanse, treat and nourish the skin, using only raw organic & food grade botanical ingredients. Made by skilled, earth knowing hand, their craft has no comparison.

In this collection:

- N°1 - L'Équilibrant : made from green clay, scented with lavender, patchouli et rose geranium
- N°2 - Le Régulateur : made from charcoal & black seed, scented with rosemary, lemon verbena & may chang
- N°4 - Le Vivifiant : made from rosehip & clay, scented with rose, rose geranium & palmarosa
- N°5 - Le Nourrissant : made from raw carrot, scented with verbena
- N°6 - Le Doux : made from oatmeal, scented with lavender, patchouli & orange
- N°7 - Le Purifiant : made from basil herbs, scented with lemongrass, basil & rosemary
- N°8 - L'Apaisant : made from calendula, scented with lemongrass
- N°9 - Le Relaxant : made from alkanet wild garden, scented with lavender, geranium & bergamot
- N°10 - Le Détoxifiant : made from spinach & clay bar, scented with lime, ginger & lemon verbena

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