Harry potter Who is it? game


Card game

Think you are a Potterhead? In this Harry Potter themed character game each player picks a card then by asking your opponent questions, you have to try and guess which character card they are holding. The difficulty is that they can only answer yes or no!

Harry Potter Who Is It is a two-player game suitable for everyone aged 6 years and over. To start you separate the cards into three packs. There is a black pack, a red pack and a blue pack. Each pack has 24 cards. Both players take one pack, the third pack is shuffled and then placed in the centre of the table. For reference during gameplay, each player lays their pack of cards picture side up on the table in front of them so that each character in the pack is visible. The youngest player should take the top card from the stack of cards in the centre of the table then the second player should take the next card from the stack. Now, the guessing can begin. The first person to guess the opponents' card correctly wins, but be careful as an incorrect guess means an automatic win for the other player.

Everything you need to play, including easy-to-follow gameplay instructions comes supplied in the printed gift box, which is handy for safely storing the cards when the game is not in use. The perfect gift for Harry Potter fans everywhere.

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Height : 8 x 12 x 4 cm
Quantity : 72 cards
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