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Smells Like Spells created a unique and magical collection of incense inspired by Norse mythology. Each scent tends to capture the power of a god, goddess or legendary character to create a special mood in your home to help you feel better.

Their incenses are made with 100% natural plants and herbs coming from Nepal. Each set includes 5 sticks coming in a beautiful test tube made of glass with a cork lid. Burning duration: around 60 minutes.

Scents of the collection:

- Bragi - Inspiration and creativity
In Norse mythology Bragi, the god of eloquence and poetry, inspired people to create poetry by giving them a drink of mead of poetry. This handmade sandalwood incense should reveal your creative powers and inspire you.

- Heimdallr - Protection and harmony
Heimdallr is the Norse gods’ watchman who guards the bridge Bifröst, connecting Asgard and the human realm. These incense mix juniper berries, sandalwood, guar gum and wild herbs to create a protective shield for you and your home to protect you from evil-eye and from jealousy and destructive thoughts of other people.

- Odin - Self-confidence and concentration
This natural handmade agarwood, nag champa, juniper berries and wild herbs incense is devoted to Odin – the Norse god of war and wisdom. The magical fragrance of this incense and Odin’s assistance might help to gain confidence in your strengths to overcome difficulties, obstacles and challenges.

- Norns - Chance and properity
In Norse mythology Norns are female beings that rule the destiny of a child when it is born. They live under the roots of the destiny tree Yggdrasill and carve the destiny of each human on them. This encense has fragrance of mangoes, cinnamon and oriental spices to attract personal luck and inspire you for new challenges, ideas, originality and resourcefulness

- Freya - Love and passion
In Norse mythology Freyja was the goddess of fertility, love and passion. Freyja was considered to be the most desired goddess. This encense has a magical aroma of roses, jasmine and verbena for all lonely souls who long for desire, excitement and the wind of new love.

- Freyr - Abundance and financial wealth
In Norse mythology, god Freyr is the patron of fertility and prosperity. With the help of Freyr this incense will allow to plant a seed of the magical money tree that brings financial wealth to your home. This natural hand-made hemp and wild herbs incense are for those who aspire to improve their financial situation.

- Hag - Energy purification and cleansing
In many cultures juniper incense is still used for protection from evil, demons, witchcraft and magic. That’s why it's named “Hag” – by the name of the Norse deity Hag. She is the infamous witch. This natural hand-made juniper incense is like a broom that will sweep off the everyday energetic filth and cleanse the home environment from negative energy clusters.

- Fregga - Home harmony and cosiness
Frigga, the chief god Odin’s wife, is the goddess of household. She is the ideal guardian and keeper of the home’s hearth. This hand-made cedar incense is crafted to those who search for cosiness and warmth of the family hearth, who protect their home and family like the apple of their eye, whose home is their fortress.

- Eir - Harmony and health
In Norse mythology the chief god Odin’s wife Frigga had many companions, friends and maids. One of her best and most loyal companions was Eir – the goddess of health. This hand-made natural juniper, myrrh and ambergris incense might help you to restore physical strength and gain favor from goddess Eir.

- Dellingr - Cheerful and active
In Norse mythology Dellingr was a personification of dawn. This natural hand-made juniper berries, sandalwood, nards, frankincense and wild herbs incense is devoted to him. The magical fragrance of this incense and a simple meditation/affirmation ritual might help to feel more energetic and cheerful.

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Height : 20,5 cm
Diameter : 2 cm
Le petit plus : comes in a genuine test tube
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