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Merry Christmas, popcorn lovers! The countdown to Christmas will be merry, popping and sweet with your delicious Popcorn Shed advent calendar!
Behind each of the windows you’ll find a bag of ridiculously delicious handmade popcorn. Be sure to eat them all before Christmas, otherwise Santa and his hungry reindeers may eat them all on Christmas Eve!
There may only be 12 days of Christmas, but there are 24 packets of popcorn inside.

Butterscotch - sweet, buttery and smooth butterscotch popcorn with a hint of sea salt. It’s buttery without butter, call that a magic trick! (Great Taste Award winning 2018).
Cherry Pie - caramel almond gourmet popcorn with real freeze dried cherries. Sweet, nutty and with a hint of fruitiness, it tastes just like a cherry bakewell tart.
Choc 'N’ Roll - cocoa infused caramel popcorn. Sweet, smooth and ridiculously addictive, every chocolate lover will love this one!
Chocolate Orange - crunchy popped corn with orange infused caramel and a rich layer of Belgian dark chocolate. There's a magical burst of flavour in every single bite!
Christmas Pudding - the perfect blend of our signature rich caramel popcorn with a delicious festive spice mix. The taste of Christmas in every kernel!
Gingerbread - popcorn coated with a sweet caramel, infused with ginger and festive spices. It's the treat of the season.

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Dimensions : 43,5 x 29,5 x 4,2 cm
Weight 168g net
Made in : United Kingdom
Le petit plus : vegan, gluten free and all natural!
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